Mandala Healing Art Workshops

Scheduled Workshops at Hope In Art Studio:

February 4th 1pm. – Theme is “Renewal” for the new year.  Setting our intentions for a deep reflection on the previous year and hopes and desires for the new year.

Lesley travels for private groups also.  Call to schedule. 585-727-4574 or


Creating mandalas is a form of active meditation that combines the mindful based practice of art, science, and spirituality to achieve a greater connection with the authentic Self. The mandala process promotes physical, spiritual and emotional well-being and can be practiced individually or within a group.  It is a useful stress management tool.

We begin each session with a few short meditations to “quiet” the mind and to set our intentions for a healing experience in mind, heart, body or spirit.Jeans Mandala  Then Lesley guides you through laying down (creating a mandala) your energy and light on to black paper first with white colored pencil and then adding color.  This is a healing practice that many cultures have used throughout time to achieve relaxation, healing and peace.  A tool to be used over and over.  A nourishing experience for the spirit. Treat yourself!

This is a wonderful stress management tool that can be used over and over.

Workshops last about 3 hours.              BARBS MANDALA                  painting for Shannon                                                                           Joannes Mandala

No experience necessary.  All materials supplied.

Lesley facilitates for various groups and has worked with breast cancer support groups, church groups, Rotary Clubs, work teams, Art groups and any group looking for a relaxing, soothing experience with the potential for healing.

$30.00 per person

How many?




“If I had to sum up today’s workshop in a word, it would be WOW. I did not expect it to be so powerful. My emotions just came flowing out and I found myself processing some deeply buried feelings. This all happened while coloring the mandala. Six months ago you never could have told me such a thing was possible. You have opened a doorway for me to continue healing and not only forgive my brother, but through drawing mandalas, find peace and comfort in other areas of my life. Thank you so much for inviting me to attend today. It truly was an amazing experience and I will be forever grateful.” – Cherie Berry