Tuesday, July 14th, 12:30-3:30pm $40 pp
This nature inspired workshop brings our awareness to the healing power of mandalas whilst honoring Mother Nature. Mandalas are found everywhere in our universe as we will learn this afternoon. They are also created by humans to center, connect with spirit and for their healing value.
Sitting beside this gentle waterfall we will create our own mandalas utilizing a few short meditations to enhance relaxation and as we reflect on our gratitude for nature we for each layer of the mandala we will create (colored pencils and paper). Our mandalas will reflect the gratitude we have for how nature enriches and enhances our lives.
No experience is necessary just the desire to be immersed in this beautiful outdoor setting and to express your appreciation for Mother Nature. All materials and guidance supplied.
To register go to: www.Paypal.com/HopeInArtStudio
To learn more email Lesley at lsbrogan@rochester.rr.com call or text 585-727-4574