“I have done three paint parties with Lesley, and I can’t wait to book her for another night. She is absolutely fabulous, tons of fun, and she really does teach because I keep getting better! I could not recommend her more and I do it all the time!”

– Stephanie Snook

“You were wonderful!!  You were so patient with our unruly group LOL!!  We had so much fun, and then you stayed and chatted with us until past midnight, it was great!  Would love to set up another painting night, either at my house or at one of my other friends houses.”

– Renee Vicari

“I vanwerthad the distinct pleasure of sharing the experience with several lovely women discovering our ‘inner knowledge’. Haven’t created a mandala yet? Wonderful experience, it’s a tremendous personal learning tool – i-t’s all about adventure and exploration – deep within. Highly recommended. My mandala, created today, is attached- feel free to offer your interpretation – psychic or psycho? We may never know…”

– Debra Van Wert

“One of the most relaxing and fun evenings of this past Summer is when I took the rock painting class at Hope In Art. Lesley is an amazing teacher. To my pleasant surprise, My rock turned out fabulous! I had no idea that she could have taught and inspired me to end up with such a treasure for my garden that makes me so proud! My Husband had a hard time believing that I painted it! I look forward to taking some more classes!”

Reva Shill

DEB OREILLY BAMBOO DRAGONFLY“I added it to your Facebook page, I loved the piece you had us do and you are so incredibly patient! Thanks Lesley.”


“In spite of knowing two things about myself….I can’t draw a straight line and I have a voice not even fit for the shower…..I opted to try a new venture with a friend and had a great time producing a surprisingly acceptable garden stone. I wouldn’t have believed it possible but Lesley patiently guides students through techniques that work for even the most artistically challenged (like me!). It was a really fun experience and I look forward to doing it again.” – Deb O’Reilly

Joanns fox3“I have been taking art lessons from Lesley for almost two years. I am not an artist,but Lesley showed me techniques and helped me develop skills. I am SO amazed at the many projects I’ve painted. My family and friends are now saying to me,”I cant believe how talented you are”. Believe me, it’s so easy,but most of all it’s fun. I’ve met some wonderful people and look forward to attending class. I’m so glad I walked into her studio one day and commented on all the wonderful projects. Little did I know that my work would soon be on display too. Needless to say,it’s just not worth going into…believe me NOT all art teachers are created equal. I’m lucky I found YOU.”

Joann Whitman

“What a terrific time I have had attending Hope In Art Studio! It is such a comfortable and friendly atmosphere you can not help to be inspired to tap all your creativity and end up surprising yourself as I did with this old chair , that has become one of my favorite treasures. Lesley is such a wonderful talented artist who guided me step by step. I look so forward to starting a new project very soon!”


“On Sat. evening, Dec. 1, 2012, Lesley had Couples Date Night at Hope in Art Studio. My Husband, Jon agreed to go with me albeit with some reservations concerning his artistic abilities. I believe his statement was, I’ll go, but I’ll never be able to paint those aspen trees like that, so I’ll probably end up just watching you paint them. We both enjoyed the evening with 4 other couples. On the drive home, Jon said, I really did have a great time. I can’t believe I was actually able to paint that. If Lesley decides to do couples date night once a year, I’d be open-minded to going back again.”

Mary Fee Spacher