I have so many ideas for spring workshops. It’s hard to choose which to do first. I will be using ZOOM to teach a couple of online classes in early May then offering a couple of face to face classes at my studio in later May.
May Classes:
“Flowers for Mom” Live on Zoom MAY 8th, 6pm $15
“Make a Wish” Live on Zoom May 14th, 1pm $15
“Spring Birdhouse” at Hope In Art, CDGA May 24th, 1pm $35
“Wine for Two” at Hope In Art, May 28th, 6:30pm $35
REGISTER: www.Paypal.me/HopeInArtStudio
OR Venmo – Lesley Shakespeare-Brogan . Note the class name so I know which class you’re registering for.
For Zoom classes you will download the Zoom app on phone or PC some time before the class date. I suggest you join in on PC for a larger screen rather than on your phone the night of class.
Zoom tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9isp3qPeQ0E
Zoom students will receive a MATERIALS list when they register with link to Michaels Crafts “cart” that includes everything you will need for the class if you don’t have supplies.
Don’t hesitate to email lsbrogan@rochester.rr.com or text/call 585-727-4574 with QUESTIONS.
It seems complicated but it really isn’t.

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About Author

I am a Fine Artist with a studio in Canandaigua NY. I have been painting for 30 years and teaching art for almost for much of that time . I find that my art brings a balance to my life that offers an outlet and peace like nothing else. I am inspired by the world around me but especially by nature and animals. I teach because I have always felt the need to share what brings me such joy with others. The possibilities in art are endless. Join me and find your inspiration!