Free online paint pouring with acrylics class (introduction)  April 5th I

I am including this materials list now and when people reply to with interest in the class I will reply to them with the platform this will take place on.  This came up faster than expected so even though it will most likely be on facebook watch party I will let you know for sure.

-We will prepare our paints to do two pours on to two separate canvases using two different techniques.

Supply list:

CANVAS-2 (8×10) canvases (Can order online from Michaels or any Art Store)

PAINT-4 acrylic colors. Give some thought to your color scheme (cool, warm, metallics, or whatever you have in stock). It doesn’t matter what brand but I have mostly been using Liquitex or BASICS but any acrylic will do. Brands can vary in thickness so you may have to add more medium to thicker paints than to thinner paints. Metallics tend to be thinner anyway so don’t require as much medium usually. Yes, you can use different brands in the same pour.

POUR MEDIUM-Floetrol – I have been using Floetrol which is sold at any paint supply store and is the cheapest pouring medium. You can buy Pouring Medium from Liquitex, Golden, any of the brands but it is much more expensive (Home Depot, Lowes, Hardware stores). If you take an interest in doing this we will discuss plain old glue later 😊

SILICONE-Silicone – optional. This will add more cells to your painting but is not necessary. Floetrol adds enough cells. Can purchase at online Art store or even Home Depot

CUPS-disposable cups to mix your paints in (you won’t want to wash them out for reuse) I usually buy them from the Dollar Store but since it’s closed I am using some clear hard plastic cups I bought from BJ’s.

PROPS – You will need something under your canvas so it is lifted off the cardboard otherwise it will stick to the cardboard and be difficult to remove without ruining your painting. I save bottle caps and place one under each corner of the canvas when we begin.

STIR STICKS -Stir sticks for mixing…again I usually buy popsicle sticks from Dollar store but am using the opposite end of paint brushes. These can easily be wiped off with no damage to the brush.

PAPER TOWELS – Lots of them

A piece of cardboard or a surface that lays flat and level that you can put your canvas on when your pouring and also leave it on until your painting cures (dries). It may take a couple of days initially but a few more days to cure.

An old tablecloth or plastic for under your cardboard to protect the surface you’re working on. This mixture will come off of any non-porous surface but you still want to protect it.

Rubber gloves/plastic disposables

Please don’t hesitate to email with questions  or call 585 727 4574